About Escazu

ESCAZU A colonial town, Escazu is a premier suburb, situated just 7 km west of San Jose. Spread out over a hillside over looking San Jose and Heredia. Escazu is made up of 3 adjoining neighborhoods; San Antonio de Escazu, Escazu Centro and San Rafael de Escazu.

This is an ideal tourist destination in Costa Rica. Its center is where the municipal government, that operates all the smaller towns around it. Escazu was an early colonial settlement that was operating long before the present capital, San Jose, existed. It was formed around a cross-ways in indian trails through the area and it is said that the word 'escazu' in an early indian language, means 'resting place', where weary indian travelers stopped for a while and exchanged news from far regions of the country.

Old Escazu has no where near the modern shopping facilities that San Rafael de Escazu has. It has simple stores, the Saturday morning farmers' market and many other facilities.

The climate is most tropical, it is not unknown for EscazĂș to experience rainfall on a day in which San JosĂ© is dry and sunny. November and December frequently bring high winds.