Volunteers Requirements

  • Volunteer must be eighteen years old to participate.
  • The minimum of a project period is of 2 weeks.
  • Volunteer must sent a resume, to help us to know you better and improve the help we can give you.
  • Basic spanish Knowledge, if you don't have Spanish knowledge at all you can take intensive lessons here in Costa Rica before you start the project, this must have to be indicated in the application form.
  • Medical travel insurance (mandatory).
  • Every single volunteer must have a positive attitude, an open mind to new experiences, and desire to bring help to people in need.
  • Keep in mind, responsibility is a priority for Hospedaje Casa Escazu, this has to be present in our volunteers as well.

Application Process

After you pick the project you will like to develop here in Costa Rica, you have to pick the dates you will be staring your program.

  • Download and fill out the application form on our website, and send it in along with your resume by email, mail or fax.
  • In 24 hours Hospedaje Casa Escazu will sent you an email confirmation along with the volunteer agreement to be sign.
  • You will send the volunteer agreement sign attach with the $100 deposit in US dollars to reserve your place with us.(reservation fee is included in the total price of the program) We accept Credit cards and paypal.
  • Now is when you should start booking your flight, checking your passport, getting travel insurance.
  • After having all of your travel arrangements, you should email, mail or fax to us your fligh details and passport ID.
  • Now you will have to pay the reamining balance for the program fees 15 days prior your departure. Last minute booking require full payment with the application.
  • Now everything is set for you to arrive and start your volunteer project. Prior your arrival Hospedaje Casa Escazu will sent you the final details of the program, phone numbers and hosting details.
Application Form